Monday, May 30, 2011

away for two days

Hehehe, no update for last two days rite? I'm going away, back to hometown. There's a lot of activities and event must be attend. Not my event but my parent's event. I just being the follower, ngeh3^^

There was such a busy day, on saturday nite we has spend a whole nite for my little brother futsal match. It was full of joy because even we had to back home at 2am, it seem not a big problem because my little bro had won the match. So proud of him. He such a good player, i not even knowing about this before.^^

On sunday spend almost the whole day for the Temerloh United Anniversary, a bit tired because the nite before already sleep late at nite and the sunday morning must going out at 8am, aiyoo~~. Also have to being a camerawoman for my mum, kekeke^^.

So the next post i will share my story about the event happen ok. Check it out!

Nota_kaku : Ngade2 speaking english..kwahahaha^^

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