Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Biggest Phobia

My biggest phobia is ___________________________________________________. Ye tolong  isi tempat kosong ye anak2. Jangan tinggal kan kosong je. Jawab  je ape2 yang patot. *feeling2 jd cikgu ;p

Actually i wanna tell everyone about my biggest phobia. My biggest phobia is being far away from my family. Yeah, such a scary thing being apart from my family. I really do hate it, as much it is U_U.

Not more than one month from now, once again, i have to seperated with my family. This time it a bit far away compare than before. Hurm, many thing keep flying around my mind. Worry, yeah! Its the main thing in on my head now.=,=

Its seem hard for me at first, but i know i will slowly adapted with the new life there. Hoping that i didnt get culture shock! =p Really hope that!

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