Sunday, October 9, 2011

8 Oct Happy Birthday Dad! ^^ (Secret letter to dad)

Happy Birthday Dad^^

Me and abah, lupa nak crop pic budak yang tepi sekali tuh ;D

Ehem2, okeh2..entry kali nih nak speaking sikit *ke'diva'an melampau XD * and yang paling penting ini adalah entry yang serius, so now plis eh change mood kepada mode serius okeh eberybody.

"He care but he dont show so much"

"He looks after us from far away"

"He dont easily get mad"

"He is a very positive person, if mum will get angry when i got a bad result in exam, dad is the one who will positively advising me and calming me with encouraging words"

"He was the one who comfort me when mum scolding me or I'm sulking with my mum *sometimes ;) "

"He care as much as a mother but he doesnt show like how our mother care for us"

I'm not a daughter who are very good to express my feeling towards others. Sometimes i wanna say a sweet thing to my dad but i'm too shy so that i just keep it in my heart. But deep in my heart i wanna daddy now that i love him so much! ^^

And if u want to know, i'm really a sensitive person when it comes about dad. I'm still remember in matrix i'm crying all the way back to my hostel from the ATM that in front of the main gate^^. The reason is because my mum calling me and tell that she will join a trip with my little and big bro but my dad cant comes along because he had work to do.  

Even when i'm drafting this entry, i'm feel like crying *crying already actually,ngehehehe. But suddenly my roomate comes to me and ask what am i doing. Quickly hiding my little notebook and chating with her. Luckily my messy hair had cover up my face, so she didnt see my tears..hahaha ;D. For me i wanna my dad join the trip too. Its okay if i didnt join but i wanna dad going together with them and enjoy the trip *aigoo~~ what a childish side of me * *shyness overload,lets vomit eberybody..lalala~~

So, i'm always talking to myself, as i'm not so good in expressing my feeling i must not trouble my dad. I'm trying as much as i can. I'm also dont wanna troubled him when it comes about money. I'm trying to saving as much i can. 

Now, i'm slowly trying to show a lot of love to dad. I do the same thing to dad like how i do to mum. I'm hug dad n kiss his cheek when i'm going back to hostel. And the most important things is I'M PROUD TO BE MY DADDY'S GURL!




Nota_kaku: 60% of the cake was eaten by my little bro and me :D

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