Friday, November 25, 2011

Its hard but keep believe..Everything happen for a reason, ALLAH love u more!

Its happen to help you for being matured

It help you to know that ALLAH always know the best thing for u

Its help you to change to a better person

Its help you to accept the facts

Its help you to learn something

Its happen to know whether you strong enough to face it

Sometimes the thing happen just a best thing for you

Its a wisdom for you

But why theres always sometimes you can accept the facts?

You cant accept the changes?

But its only happen when you take from the negative side

But if you look from a positive side its really a good thing for you

It give you 100 times better things actually

And sometimes you really can accept it but your ownself  make it hard to accept, you freeze your own heart

You always thinking bad

You always thing you’re right

But you better change your mind

God knows better

He does know what the best for you

He wanna make you the best CALIPH in this world

Thats why He do something for you

And the most important thing is He really LOVE you!!

And now you must realize that and trying to adapt with the changing things

So keep smiling, do not easy to feel down! Dont too easy to give up!

Message to my ownself and also to all of you out there^__^

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