Thursday, December 29, 2011

Its all about cooking :D

I miss cooking damn much yaw!...There is  one more month to go then i’ll come back home!!! Yayyy!! The thing that i wait the most^^ Its normal rite for  a student like me who stay far away from home being super  excited when it come about going back to kampung thing?? Yeah, its so excited okeh, it just a feeling that u can’t avoid. Although when u already at home u will keep babling such thing like, "owh...too boring at home..i miss going back to hostel"..."i miss my friend at hostel"...."online all day long, i dont know what to do...oh me".."staying at home make me crazy!"..and also being scold by mum n dad because just laying on bed, got nothing to do, just on9,watching television,wake up late in the morning..-_- okeh, stop it riny..already out of topic...pfffttt

So, i already had my own food list that i want to cook at home..few weeks ago i become like crazy people who craving for food....opss nope actually craving for recipe *seresly macam orang giler da aku nih dok godek2  google tengok pic makanan n carik resepi2 best,ngehehe* so mum, get ready..ur daughter will rock the kitchen ,bwahaha XD

Okeh...i admit that..i'm drooling rite this cute baby^^ lol

Then aku decide..aku nak masak all of this food at home. But baru ade 4 jenis. Nie yang memang kompem aku nak try..other than that nanti kat umah aku fikir ;p kate duduk sebulan kat umah kan ade lagi 26 jenis dishes aku boley try masak nanti *vomitted into the bucket ;p 

====> Oreo cheese cake^^ *deep thought of it because  Secret Recipe baru bukak then going there n just buy it is such a nice solution then doing it at home trolololol ;p*

====> Sushi *omo~~~ sedap nye

====> Spagheti meatball *drooling

Last but not least,,,,,,

====> Pancake *Ji Hoo Sunbae :D

Harap2 la x kempunan nak buat sume nie kat umah. Truely..i miss cooking damn much! Tangan da krem nih da lame x pegang sudip, periuk n kuali kat umah ^^ 

Nota_kaku: Mommy..i miss doing bibik-ing things at home :')

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