Friday, March 2, 2012

The Baju Kurung Story

I really love baju kurung, love it so much and i think i love it  more than other clothes. Yeah, i mean it. I'm not wearing it all the time but I prefer to wear baju kurung when going to class rather than wearing other clothes. I will wear other clothes when there is class at night only.

Many of my friend ask me why i am always wearing baju kurung even there is only one class on that day. My roomate also always ask me why when they seeing me busy ironing my baju kurung.  I just dont know why, maybe i had a lot of baju kurung and it is comfortable for me to wear it.

I wear baju kurung for such a long time, since in my secondary school i think. Wear it all day long, from the school uniform until the baju kurung for going to prep, from the morning until late at night, so it doesnt a big deal for me.

Other than that, mum always make me a new baju kurung twice a month. My wardrobe also full with baju kurung and fyi, baju kurung not only limit to the same design. There is a lot of design of baju kurung nowadays for example like baju kurung moden, baju kurung Pahang and so on. I'm not wear the same design everyday^^ So how come can i said that i hate to wear it. I just love it damn much !

Baju Kurung + Me = Lovely^^

With my striking baju kurung ;p


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