Friday, April 13, 2012

Ingat Dua Perkara Dan Lupa Dua Perkara

Hi peeps, its been a while i didn't updating my lovely blog since the wifi in my house kena "sambar Petir" omg! Okay, todays evening i got oppurtunity to watch Al-Hidayah at TV3. Alhamdulillah, if the wifi not broken i dont think i will watch this tv program :D And today's topic is "MAAF".

Quite interesting coz its been a while since i become an 'unforgivable' person :(  Yeah, its true. I can't control my own emotion and easier to get angry at people. If people do something bad to me i will kept in my heart and said to myself  that one day i'll take revenge! omo~~ me so bad :(

And todays topic really make me feel ease. Itys really comforting^^ Those two magical words that is INGAT DUA PERKARA DAN LUPAKAN DUA PERKARA

' Ingat KEBURUKAN kita kepada orang lain '
' Ingat KEBAIKAN orang lain kepada kita '

' Lupakan KEBAIKAN kita kepada orang lain '
' Lupakan KEBURUKAN orang kepada kita

Its so simple right? So now lets us together be a forgivable person! May Allah bless us :D 

maaf Kata Kata Mutiara Minta Maaf

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