Thursday, May 3, 2012


Yeah, seriously! I love this song cover! Damn nice yaw! This girl voice is damn awesome! U should being a singer dear!^^

Hi, this song is nice. Same with my situation now, tired of waiting! The people who incharge in WAITING is always me! dari dulu sampai sekarang! I'm forever being the PENUNGGU. Nope, i not a penunggu yang setia. I hate dealing with time. I'm kinda such a PUNCTUAL person! Mum n dad know how punctual i am. I hate  menunggu and somehow if i make people wait for me, the worried rise to the head! I felt damn guilty. But to other people, it vice versa! If i'm always being the ONE who wait for such a long~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ time, the patience no longer stay with me. If before, the words ITS OKAY always being my comforting words, but now i cant stand anymore. Late to the class because of waiting?? Not such a good thing for me! Its doesnt worth waiting actually, staying alone, waiting for people more than 30 minutes? And sometimes about 1 hour! Not a happy thing rite? I think my blood circulating gone crazy because of tahan marah so much! I dont dare to mad coz i just want they realize by their ownself that there is SOMEONE who are waiting downstairs! one thing i wanna say, NO MATTER HOW GOOD U ARE, IF U'RE BAD AT MANAGING UR OWN TIME, IT SUCH A WASTEFUL! U'RE STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH! sorry, i hate to write this 'cheesy' thing at blog actually, but i'm forced to do it. I've nobody to share, i know my bestfriend are damn busy, i dont want to disturb them with my own probs. So, here i go! 

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