Tuesday, October 9, 2012

9/10 The 2nd ANNIVERSARY

Stealing my leasure time to create this entry in such a beautiful date! My blog's 2nd anniversary! Starting from 9/10/10 - 9/10/12 :)

Happy 2nd anniversary to my one and only blog! Its been two years since i'm start blogging and just realized that the time moving really fast! My blog already grown up! This tiny blog means so much to me! Even there is sometimes i felt like gave up on writing , felt like deleting this blog, throwing everything me already wrote here, and also feel like creating a NEW BLOG, but i keep telling myself to just bear with it! Yes, for everything i already wrote here, i think its such a waste if i leaving or deleting this blog. Lots of memory writen here and its kinda fun to look back to everything i wrote before. From the first entry i created, until now. Maybe my story is not fun as others, i didnt have lot of thing to share with other, but creating this blog in my own ways is just too awesome! At least, i've place to talk, to release my pressure, to nagging, to sharing and so on. I dont like to write diary  like other people always do,so this blog is another 'diary' for me. At least! No need to write everything, when i feel like writing i can just giong here, nagging and babbling around, alone.

Here's the pic of me after 2 years of  blogging! :) I'm look more mature now rite? :P

I'm growing up but i'm still crazy! ;)

So HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY to my dear blog!

Nota_kaku : Hoping there's the 3rd, 4th, 5th and......10th anniversary of this blog! :) Allah Willing, Amin !

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