Monday, October 8, 2012


Happy Birthday Abah! Angah love you!

No birthday cards, wishes, greetings or messages can express in words the amount of love and respect I have for you dad!. So, im wishing you a very Happy Birthday, DAD!

And thank you for every single thing you've done for me in life and every single smile you've given me. May Allah bless you ! I LOVE U MUCH ABAH!

Im proud to be my daddy's girl! ;)

Here another song for u Dad! :') Its such a touching song! 

Saranghae Abeoji! :)

*Im still remember one of my bestie said that dont just listen to korean song, me should search  the english subtitle and try to understand the meaning of the song. And know what, mostly all of their song have such a good lyrics. Its meaningful! Seriously! Its really nice to know the meaning of all of their song. The lyrics is way too beautiful . Its good! *im not praising coz im love listening to korean song, but this is the truth* You should try to search it by yourself. :D *

Nota_kaku : Im a crybaby only about my family thingy. No other than that! :D


  1. hb pn cepat tacing ble bab2 femili...:')

    1. kan....!! kite same! nk bazir airmate kt tmpt len..hehe..utk fmly je..heheww

    2. yup btol2..:)..weh best la lgu kt blog ko ni...huhuhu

    3. hehehe..nak ke tjuk dy? kim hyun joong - please :)


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